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Remote Sensing & Earth Observation Check out our services and portfolio.

ARGANS, a company with headquarters based in Plymouth UK, specialises in satellite-based Earth Observation, remote-sensing applications and services, and geographical information systems used to map and monitor the marine, atmospheric and terrestrial environments.

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ARGANS offers satellite mission solutions across a range of services, including development of ground segment algorithms and applications, data quality assessment and validation, or operations on behalf of space agencies, while keeping a strong scientific expertise in remote sensing science.

Earth Observation Specialists

Specialisms include satellite mission operations, mission requirements specification and ground segment design to ECSS standards.

Research & Development

Provided by staff scientists and business partners with strong doctoral scientific background in atmospheric and oceanography research.

Software Engineering

Experienced engineers skilled in multiple programming languages (Python, MATLAB, C, IDL,...) and software engineering methodologies.

Sensor Calibration & Validation

Recognised contributors in the fields of optical sensor inter-comparison, validation and the vicarious calibration of sensors.

User Support & Quality Control

Support to end-users of remote sensing images providing issue tracking, quality control and assurance

Strategic & Sustainability Planning

Support to policy initiatives in providing long-term strategy and sustainability recommendations

Nautical Charting

Satellite derived bathymetry (SDB) and innovative radiance inversion method used to construct nautical charts to IHO standards.

Coastal Mapping

Feature detection algorithms used on satellite imagery to provide maps of land cover categorisation and identification of benthic habitats.

Project Management

Successful management of collaborative projects as prime contractor of consortia drawn from European and International partners.

Technical Writing

Scientific authorship for peer-reviewed publication; technical authorship for web and corporate dissemination.

Web Design

HTML5/CSS3 static and dynamic sites designed to support EO projects and services.


ARGANS is a small, independent company which has been in business since 2007. During this time, we have undertaken a number of projects with the European Space Agency and the European Commission; we have been part of large consortiums, undertaking both long and short term projects with values ranging from a few thousand to a few million euros. In addition, we work in collaboration with UK Government Agencies and international. We have also developed our own tools and software as part of smaller projects which we manage in-house. mellow-colored


Sentinel Mission Support

The ESA Sentinel satellite missions carry a range of technologies such as radar and multi-spectral imaging instruments for land, ocean and atmosphere monitoring. Along with contributing missions from other space agencies they form the space component of Copernicus, the European Commission Earth observation program.

ARGANS has been involved in the Sentinel program in a variety of roles. As prime contractor leading the development of prototype processors of Level 2 data for the Sentinel 3 optical sensors and the development of the Online Sentinel handbook. As partner ARGANS has roles in Sentinel 2 and Sentinel 3 Mission Performance Centres (MPC).

SMOS Mission Support

ESA's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) satellite is an Earth Explorer mission component of the Living Planet Programme. It was launched in November 2009 and is dedicated to making global observations of soil moisture over land and salinity over oceans.

ARGANS is the prime contractor for the Level 2 ocean salinity component and has supported ESA before launch, during commissioning and throughout operation in the development and maintenance of the L2OS processor in collaboration with Expert Support Laboratories (ESL). Building on expertise in SMOS derived ocean salinity ARGANS was awarded in 2015 to assess the capabilities of SMOS to detect rainfall over the oceans. read more


RESMALI Marine Litter Detection

Ocean plastic debris is a serious problem for the environment, and ESA is one of the many organisations taking steps to understand it's impact.

ARGANS recently partnered with ESA and other organisations to investigate the feasibility of using remote sensing methods to identify this debris from orbit. This can potentially assist in allowing a greater targeting of efforts in combating this issue, and support pressing observational needs for marine litter global monitoring.

Salinity Climate Change Initiative

The ESA Climate Change Initiative programme aims to establish climate data records (CDR) for Essential Climate Variables (ECV) to monitor changes to the Earth's climate. One such ECV is sea surface salinity, used to estimate oceanic transport of freshwater and changes in the global water cycle.

ARGANS, in association with international scientific organisations, is contributing to this program in a project to provide decadal time-series of sea surface salinity acquired by the ESA SMOS satellite, launched 2009, along with NASA Aquarius (2011-2015) and SMAP, launched in 2015. 9142262730


DIMITRI Development & Support

DIMITRI (Database for Imaging Multi-spectral Instruments and Tools for Radiometric Inter-comparison) is a database containing Level 1 radiometric measurements from various optical sensors over terrestrial targets selected as calibration sites due to having stable radiometric properties and observing conditions.

DIMITRI provides tools to allow inter-comparison of sensor data for purposes of calibration, validation and correction of aerosol scattering and glint reflection. ARGANS is involved in a number of DIMITRI projects ranging from algorithm development for new methodologies and tools, collection and ingestion of sensor data into the database, and verification and dissemination of outputs to the scientific community. twice-alarmed

Sen2Coral Sentinel-2 & Coral Reefs

The objective of ESA’s SEOM Programme Sen2Coral is the preparation of the exploitation of the Sentinel-2 mission for coral reefs by developing and validating appropriate, open source algorithm available for the community.

The project objectives are the scientific exploitation and validation of the Sentinel-2 Multispectral Instrument (MSI) for mapping (habitat, bathymetry, and water quality) and detection change for coral reef health assessment and monitoring, and algorithm development dedicated to Sentinel-2 capabilities to satisfying these objectives. Coral reefs mortality changes, which are strongly influenced by the El Nino phenomenon, are accurate markers of the Global Warming. 567-340-1797


Satellite Derived Bathymetry (SDB) & Nautical Chart Production

Coastal waters are dynamic and changing environments. Monitoring and measuring water depth is crucial for the safety of navigation and the integrated coastal zone management (ICZM). Deriving bathymetry from satellite has key benefits being more cost effective, available for remote and inaccessible areas and quicker to delivery than traditional methods.

ARGANS has developed innovative methodologies for generating IHO-compliant nautical charts derived from satellite multi-spectral images processed using an adaptive look-up table physics-based inversion technique, with the assistance of one of our collaborators, under contract to the French Hydrographical & Oceanographic Office (SHOM).

European Commission Horizon 2020 project (ec.europa.eu) to facilitate access to Earth Observation data and pre-­processing tools by the coastal and oceanic research community, towards the future provision of services based on EO data, namely (but not restricted to) Coastal Waters research. [2016-2019].

ESA contract involving a consortia led by ARGANS providing support needed for updating and validating algorithms to be used in the processor for the 4th Reprocessing of MERIS data intended to facilitate a smooth transition towards Sentinel-3 products.

ARGANS provides technical support to ESA in activities involving the International Disaster 231-488-6760 and CEOS Working Group Disaster Relief Management. This involves preparing the Charter Annual Report, collecting performance metrics and performing analyses, preparing dissemination materials and co-ordinating pilot projects [2014-2016].

European Commission project (804-625-4599) delivering scalable, cloud-based processing, ease of access to Copernicus data and sandbox for developing services. ARGANS service was an industrialised version of the DIMITRI optical sensor inter-comparison and analysis tool [2013-2015].

European Commission R&D project focused on ocean biogeochemical properties and the assimilation of multi-spectral satellite data and in-situ geophysical measurements into biogeochemical models [2012-2014].

As a partner in ESA's EO Services for Ecosystem Validation project ARGANS provided technical and consulting support towards the development of multispectral products showing: bathymetry and water quality, vegetation & marine habitat changes over time and vegetation health and productivity [2012-2014].

Under the Instrument Data quality Evaluation and Analysis Service (IDEAS) consortium ARGANS were responsible for leading the Sensor Performance & Product (SPPA) Assessment Optical Instruments Group and responsible, with sub-contractor support, for QC activities involving satellite missions: ENVISAT MERIS, Landsat, SeaWiFS and MODIS [2008-2013].



ESA satellite earth observation missions are 'big science' projects financed by member states' governments and receiving equivalently valued high-tech contracts through the industrial 'GeoReturn' policy and consequently projects tend to be undertaken by pan-European consortia.

ARGANS has forged strong partnerships through joining consortia both as prime and sub-contractor with UK, European and International entities: companies, research institutes, universities and individual scientific consultants. flask


ARGANS has a staff of skilled and multi-disciplinary engineers and scientists who undertake multiple roles within the company both project management and technical. This core staff are supplemented as needed by external consultants and collaboration with the parent company ACRI-ST.


Francois-Regis Martin-Lauzer Dr François-Régis Martin-Lauzer Chief Executive Officer
Jean Laporte Jean Laporte Managing Director
Craig Jacobs Craig Jacobs Business Development Director

Plymouth, UK Office

Jan Jackson Jan Jackson Project & Office Manager
Steve Emsley Dr Stephen Emsley Project & IT Manager
Bahjat Alhammoud Dr Bahjat Alhammoud Project Manager
Rafael Catany Rafael Catany Project Manager
James Delaney James Delaney EO Scientist
Rhiannon Davies Dr Rhiannon Davies EO Scientist
Simon Watts Simon Watts EO Programmer
Mark Hennen Dr Mark Hennen EO Scientist
Ben Allen Benjamin Allen EO Scientist
Teresa Martin Teresa Martin EO Scientist
Joseph Avis Joseph Avis EO Scientist
Mark Hallows Mark Hallows EO Scientist
Emily Peart Emily Peart Intern
Lorraine Sanders Lorraine Sanders HR Manager
Claire Hadley Claire Hadley Finance Officer

Sophia-Antipolis, France Office

Manuel Arias Dr Manuel Arias Ballesteros Project Manager
Pierre Sicard Dr Pierre Sicard Project Manager
Anne Vallette Dr Anne Vallette Project Manager
Dorella Papadopoulou Theodora Papadopoulou Analyst
Leanne Fraser Leanne Fraser Mission Operator
Lawrence Dudley Lawrence Dudley Mission Operator
Fatimatou Coulibaly Fatimatou Coulibaly EO Programmer


ARGANS headquarters is based in the city of Plymouth in the South West of the UK. Our office is sited at Plymouth Science Park to the north of Plymouth, 7km from the city centre.